best expressvpn server for netflix usa
best expressvpn server for netflix usa

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  1. To anyone here stuck like I was, this worked for me….

    Make sure you have deleted the app from your computer and are only using the site.

    Download a different search engine that has no prior signs or cache/history etc. Use it for nothing but Netflix.

    I chose Opera

    Now type Netflix into the new browser. I also created a new name account after signing-in. Don't know if that made any difference. I tried everything prior including deleting cookies and sign-in info etc, it just constantly sent me back to my home/UK netflix.

    ^ Doing the above and I can now access US Netflix and I guess anywhere else.

    I think it was just having a clean browser and no possible info being left behind that Netflix could flag, but maybe creating the additional account helped? I mean it is via my main account, so maybe it was just the clean browser?

    Either way, give it a go…I hope it works for you as it has for me. Best!

  2. I came here because i really want to watch the gifted graduation (A Thai Series) but it didnt work in my netflix my server in netflix still in the philippines but my expressvpn works to my youtube

  3. I am in the US
    Is there a VPN that is Canada only I’m thinking about getting this so my wife can watch Canadian Netflix (if this is a thing ) we are hopping some of the shows that are Canadian-based and not available in US are on there.

  4. I have a 2nd generation fire stick – brand new.

    While trialing this VPN, my internet connection would drop out frequently and the only way of me getting the firestick to find the router (it frustratingly insists it’s out of range on the fire stick although I have another 2nd gen firestick working fine through the same TV with no VPN set up) again (I’m with Vodafone in the UK currently if that helps) was by doing a factory reset. Since then it’s happened multiple times, sometimes straight away and sometimes after a couple of hours. On the last couple of times as soon as I have gone to connect to the VPN I have had a message stating that I’ve lost connection, and then I’m back at factory resetting again.

    This is frustrating as when it works it seems okay but I’m hesitant to use the service, let alone pay for it if I’m having to factory reset so frequently.

    Any thoughts on what I need to do to avoid having to factory reset every day?

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