best free vpn linus tech tips
best free vpn linus tech tips

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  1. yes, and i don't think people should be using vm's that are hosted by a 3d party as they are nothing more than wee boxes off your info or bussness that belong to the 3d party even if it is your information

  2. So all in all VPN is completely useless at least for me. 1. point is just common sense. If you use public WiFi for internet banking or something you are an idiot. 2. seems reasonable however I rarely find content that is locked in my region (EU) so not worth the money. 3. point is a very specific case. I can only imagine you might want to do it for work, but in that case, it´s on your employee to provide VPN if necessary. 4. point is completely useless. I´m torrenting completely legal stuff for like 8 years now, and surprisingly I´m not in prison, I was never accused of something and I can´t imagine someone would be, ever.

  3. Accessing publicly funded tv channel is countries that you dont live in thats illegal (BBC , DR, SVT, NRK and ARD) while ad based or subscription based is fine

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