can i watch netflix with expressvpn
can i watch netflix with expressvpn

49% ExpressVPN Discount 👉 Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix in 2021? In this video, I run some live tests to see whether or not ExpressVPN works for streaming geo-blocked content in different countries using Netflix. I also downloaded the ExpressVPN app onto my iPhone and run the same tests to see if it works on Apple devices. Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission which comes at no extra cost to you.

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  1. Can u post the discount code. I cant use the link cause vpn express is blocked in my country but the app would work but need to add a code in payment section

  2. ExpressVPN is sold as "Use ExpressVPN with iPlayer to enjoy BBC content online, privately and securely." but they are unable to provide the service….we can debate the legality of using a VPN to access content. Their own support team suggests using their CH servers to access Zattoo as a workaround….bizarre!

    Whatever about the technicalities of the VPN offering if the service does not support the offering they should stop selling it as such.

  3. Can you Please do a video on TextNow working with this same VPN? Mine is now Crashing when attempting to make calls/texts. I found out on reddit & twitter that apparently I'm not the only one with this very same frustrating issue happening all of a sudden. I live in the USA and not One server here in the states, Or Canada, is working with ExpressVpn connected… ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  4. ExpressVPN sucks right now! It recently stopped working on my TextNow after doing fine for months! I've had other app issues with it on my tv and had to try several different locations in order for it to finally work. However.. fixing this call app issue on my Samsung phone, I have tried them ALL and not ONE of them works:! I changed the vpn protocol setting to its slowest speed (TCP) on my old LG Tribute phone and it worked, tried doing the same with the Galaxy… It didn't 🤦🏽 ughhhh but at least Netflix works, right? Smdh…

  5. If you sign up with expressvpn can you install it on a router and iPhone at the same time with the one account or do you have to choose which device ? Thanks in advance

  6. FYI people if you had the same plan as me to use Watch Party, u have to make sure that both you and whoever will join have the movie / series available in their country, otherwise they wont be able to join, this is an insane cock block idk what to do :/

  7. Hi Lewis T. I’m in Bangkok working but I am from the USA. I have an Amazon Firestick, do I need a subscription to Netflix to have access to the content? In Thailand, there is an offer here to buy a monthly subscription for Netflix. I am looking forward to your reply.

  8. Hey do you do any tutorials to set up my Apple TV just signed up to expressVPN but not sure if I have to use United States as my region on Apple TV to watch German tv?

  9. When I try to play a movie that is not in my country but in another, it tells me that I’m using a unblocked or proxy, and to turn it off and try again… what should I do? Or should I just cancel the subscription since it hasn’t been working since I got it

  10. Netflix app doesnt work for me on my iphone when vpnexpress is on, it says that im offline. Even in my google chrome browser the netflix website doesnt load at all

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