do you pay for surfshark vpn
do you pay for surfshark vpn

🚨Watch Our Updated 2021 Surfshark VPN Review: 💥 Don't miss the hottest VPN deals available right now! Visit our coupon page: 💥 👉🏻Is Surfshark's VPN all that it's cracked up to be? It's cheap, but is it any good? What's the catch? Find out more: 👉🏻Oh, and here's that list of VPNs that actually work with Hulu: 00:00 Intro 00:25 Overall description 01:50 Streaming 02:41 Google trends 03:07 Speed test 04:10 Security options 06:26 Customer service 08:19 Summary

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  1. Got myself Surfshark as well. Because of this really well made review! Love that you can also use it using just chrome or firefox add-on. That allows me to use it on my work computer as well, even though I do not have administrator rights for it. Also, u can use it on an unlimited amount of devices, which means that I am splitting the cost with my friends. So it can be even cheaper if you get yourself a Surfshark family! Thanks for the review man!

  2. I have been using Surfshark for about 6-7 months , every once in a while
    in the beginning it would have issues connecting to the server, for a
    while it worked flawlessly, well now it does not work at all, completely
    stopped working on all my devices, support does not seem to be able to
    help and now I get something called neustar blocking me from even going
    to the Surfshark website, looking for a dependable vpn now, just saying

  3. Before starting to use surfshark I started with a download speed of a constant 1000(usually 1000+) down speed with 1000 up speed (usually 1000+ as well), after this it dropped to 300 / 100.
    Not bad considering that 300mbps download speed is quite okay for my needs, and in case I need the speed I'll just disconnect the VPN.

    24/7 support is also back, I had a question in usage and I was surprised for them to answer IN LESS THAN 10 SECONDS

  4. The 81% discounted price is valid for 2 years, only. After these 2 years, the price doubles as they charge the same original 2-year plan each year. Am I missing something? ("Billed EUR 49.25 now, & annually after the first 24 months")

  5. SurfSharkVPN works fine in Brazil! The fastest servers are located in the U.S, Europe and Canada. It unblocks Netflix and PrimeVideo U.S and U.K, also Canada. So far I´m satisfied with their VPN Service. Excellent speeds, fast connections, and they offer a yearly subscription plan for new subscribers only.

  6. As stated in the video SurfShark does not work with Hulu, at least not with FireStick. I spent 3 days with Techs., I could never get it to work with Hulu app.

  7. Yha when people heavenly promote these things i always let others use it first and see how it is and make a honest review cause nothing is ever perfect when being online specially if your paying something monthly i don't know i just can't support anything that pays monthly anymore to many things ask you for your monthly fee's. At this point i got to stop doing these easy safe use monthly fee's apps.

  8. Great review, Enjoyed it much! It is very informative and accessible for a newbie like me. Just wanted to know, Does VPN mentor get any kickback from users using their surfshark discount links? Does VPN mentor gain monetarily from surfshark by publishing this video?

  9. I have been looking at both Commercial and self-made VPNs for several different reasons.

    (I am a retired electronic technician in Canada, and sometimes seen as "the engineer without the degree).

    As for the Commercial sort, I have some questions that I do not see answered in anyone's videos or in the VPN services' advertising.

    Since Surfshark currently has neither a phone number a person can call and ask questions face to face, nor does it have a chat feature usable by prepurchase interests, I am hesitant for all of them (as the others are notable more expensive and this is a low budget D.I.Y. aim with as philanthropic leaning.

    While I follow this on you Tube as much as otherwise, maybe the time will come when I see a means of asking questions with enough confrontation to be confident I will get answers to Not So Frequently Asked Questions. Time will Tell!

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