does norton 360 vpn work on firestick
does norton 360 vpn work on firestick

In this honest Norton Secure VPN Review, I help you decide if you should use this VPN, or not. Find out now! ►Privacy Review/tier list website with all ratings: ►Merch store: ►Have you seen my favorite products page? Check it out to see my most recommended products! 🕵🏽 Best VPN Provider : TorGuard VPN ⛓ Best Antivirus Program: MalwareBytes 📡 Best Web host Provider: Dreamhost 📧 Best Encrypted Email Provider: PrivateMail 🔒 Best Password Manager: LastPass Disclaimer: This video and all my videos are solely my opinion, to provide educational content and to entertain my audience, and thus are protected by the first amendment in the USA. I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any VPN. This means I do make money when you click on the links provided, but keep my own opinion to be legit and truthful without bias. I do not host sponsored content on this channel, which means I am not paid to promote VPNs in a positive manner. All of my opinions on this channel are strictly my own! How does the channel make money?
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32 thoughts on “does norton 360 vpn work on firestick

  1. Review of the PC version would have been great. You have to manually turn on the VPN when out of sleep mode or after reboot; that is frustrating, quite frankly renders it useless. Is that normal with other top tier VPNs for PCs-Windows 10?

  2. when I log into Norton 360 on my home computer and turn on the VPN it always goes off by it self, i noticed many people have that same issue. I notice when i try to look up my cell phone website on my iphone it wont connect. I need to disconnect my phone vpn then it works

  3. I paid $29 AUD for a 3 device 1 year anti-virus and it came with this VPN for free. I've been using their anti-virus anyway so it was a nice bonus for me.

  4. The adjective virtual is used to describe something that exists in essence but not in actuality. You may have made a virtual friend on an online gaming site, but don't expect that person to meet you for coffee.

  5. Norton expired about 2 months ago for me, and my hard drive is corrupted. I am fairly certain norton corrupted my computer hard drive because it is perhaps the worst antivirus to ever exist.

  6. It seem that Norton is the biggest and richest internet’s security Corperation , their product is quiet expensive but it base in United state of America (美國🇺🇸) so it seem to be a tax pay for your privacy and terms tax compare to another country forbidding to use that service even it feel luxurious for non tech female , however their is lots of FPS and horrible game flooding around , using that service cause the game unplayable and ultra high latency in fast combat game or shooting game, only can be supporter when using the service

    Also norton have searchable address and the trackable stock code in stock exchange, their most expensive products is certified authority sign and personal home pc security software

    Also norton is using by police 👮‍♂️ authorities, Goverment, fortune 🔮 500 mega large companies compared to Blur coat 🧥 expensive routers it seem that (system maintained security (sementec) have speed problem

  7. Norton's VPN is integrated with their products so wouldn't it work faster? What is the price if you add Life Lock on top of it? I have not been able to find out what the additional charges would be if you already subscribe to Norton's VPN. I used Express VPN before but am VPN is useless unless you just want to insure you location or get on the dark web.

  8. Tried Norton VPN. Unbelievable slow. Ran speedtest today. With VPN: upload – 9.9 DL -6.44 Without VPN: upload – 22.2 DL – 11.7. To get to the Norton website I have to actually turn VPN off.

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