how to download nordvpn on smart tv
how to download nordvpn on smart tv

NordVPN For Samsung TV/ Smart TV/ LG TV... How to Install NordVPN on Samsung TV. 70% NordVPN Discount 👉 In this video, I show you how to connect NordVPN with a Samsung smart TV so you can watch differnt versions of netflix, movies, tv shows, and heaps more. When using NordVPN Samsung TV, and an Amazon Fire Stick, you can easily change your location so you can watch several different versions of netflix on your smart tv. Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission which comes at no extra cost to you.

27 thoughts on “how to download nordvpn on smart tv

  1. May as well say “how to run Nord VPN on your potato”. Got nothing to do with it being on a smart tv which is why people will be landing on this video. This is a fire stick advert.

  2. I use NordVPN and when I use Netflix on my iPhone it works as advertised but when I use my FireStick it is the S. Korean version but without all the good movies and shows .

  3. Thanks, this worked for me. Little disappointed that internet streaming picture quality suffers substantially, (appears 480P at best) with the firestick 4KHDR, but at least have access that Samsung TV and Roku would not allow.

  4. I purchased a fire tv stick after watching this video. I followed all the steps, unfortunately it‘s not working for me. I doesn‘t appear to connect to the american netflix.

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