how to use surfshark vpn for netflix
how to use surfshark vpn for netflix

How To Use Surfshark With Netflix! 🔥 [Step-By-Step Guide For Unblocking Netflix] 🎥 83% Surfshark Discount 👉 Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission which comes at no extra cost to you.

11 thoughts on “how to use surfshark vpn for netflix

  1. Bullshit. Netflix knows all the Surfshark US IPs. It DOESN'T work! I just signed up for it and Netflix immediately logged me out and refused a new login. When I turned Surfshark off, it let me back in. Money back time.

  2. You absolutely cannot access content specific to another country on android tvs with just surfshark downloaded to the tv. I've heard a bunch of crazy ideas out there on how to get around this but few work. I can say this with certainty though, if you set the proxy on both your phone and the tv then you can simply cast and it will work fine.

  3. Thank you sooo much for the tutorial!! Used your code. It's been so much easier than other vpn's i've tried. Your vid helped so much.. i need the extra tech help lol cheers!!!!

  4. I made a Netflix account on my phone and chose the Japan server, I went back to my original WiFi server and even when I refresh the app the account still stays in the Japan server, how do I fix that?

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