samsung smart tv vpn bbc iplayer
samsung smart tv vpn bbc iplayer

(*)note: I have seen reports of people in North American trying this on their locally purchased Samsung sets, and having issues with the BBC iPlayer. This has been tested and working from European sets, such as mine purchased in Germany. It is possible non-European firmware may have issues playing the BBC iPlayer. Feedback from around the world would be appreciated. This is a short guide on how to watch the BBC iPlayer & ITVPlayer on your Samsung Smart TV (D & E Series) despite being outside the UK. In order to access Apps from other countries, you can change the country app store for Samsung's Smart Televisions on the D or E series using the method described in the other video. This will allow you to access apps created for different countries. There may still be geo-blocking enforced, but this can in many cases be over come with an easy change to DNS settings with Overplay's SmartDNS service: Note: To change the country app store on the Samsung is free and can be changed back at any time. It will delete all apps each time you change, but you can always reinstall the ones you want again. However, only one country's apps can be installed at any given time, i.e. you can have the BBC iPlayer & ITV from the UK app store, but not the ABC iView app from the Australian store - you will have to choose one store or the other. Overplay is separate service that requires a monthly subscription to unblock geo-blocked content. This will access many services such as BBC's iPlayer and ITV from the UK store, ABC iView from the Australian store, etc, but if a service requires a monthly subscription, this must be paid for separately.

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  2. BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 player are working on my Samsung smart TV using OVERPLAY, but ITV player and Demand 5 are not. I've also tried MediaHint and through their DNSs, Demand 5 worked but BBC iPlayer almost didn't and ITV player didn't work at all. Any suggestions?

  3. we have a samsung TV but can not add the BBC and other UK apps to our TV as we bought TV in Italy. Samsung have changed our country but still can not change setting to UK > anyone knows how? we have tried the Mute-return button- volume up-program up -mute TRICK on Terms and condition page but it does not give us the country option> any advise ? 

  4. Using Samsung BD-F7500 bluray player purchased from and 5.99 GBP account with VPNUK.
    Smart DNS works fine and I get all the UK "on demand" apps but the player takes about 5 minutes to connect to the VPNUK DNS server (this is the only nag). Had one or two probs with iplayer but since recent iPlayer update (Oct 2014 ) all seems to be fine. Country code changed with my model using: FF289RW key sequence.

  5. Hi John, can you elaborate a bit on the problem you are experiencing? At what point does the Smart DNS service fail? Is it on a specific app (not all apps are supported, but the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Demand 5, 4oD, Netflix and Amazon Prime are. Which Smart DNS service are you using (there are dozens and they all support different apps), or is the failure at the point where you try to switch to the UK hub (this has nothing to do with Smart DNS, but some models just do this differently)

  6. I can confirm that SmartDNS does NOT work on all European Samsung F5300 tv's. We have a recently purchase Spanish model and it defo won't. You need to consider the brsnd of smart tv if you want to watch iplayer abroad. Don't buy Samsung.

  7. I need your advice. Firstly your videos are very good. I have a Samsung smart tv I bought in Spain. Questions 1. How can I change the apps to UK apps. And secondly if I change my IP will I get UK TV.. Many thanks in advance.

  8. To answer your question Young Legionnaire, no, if you are working with Overplay's Smart DNS, the UK services won't affect any US services. You can have any number of devices in your home all connected to different countries catch-up or on-demand and everything works together. That's the beauty of Smart DNS.

  9. In a household with two smart TVs, imagine for instance one is running the UK App Store and the other the US App Store – presumably running overplay in order to enable UK content would block US content from playing concurrently on the other tv?

  10. is it possable to have apps from different countries working without changing settings between using apps? e.g. use bbci player then netflix usa then rte player without changing any settings ?

  11. Hmmm, that is odd. Can I ask what region you are in? (i.e. Nth America, Europe etc) and what model TV?
    It's been a week since your post, has this changed in this time? What about other apps such as ITV or Demand5, do they also have problems? Finally, if you use Overplay on other devices, such as your laptop or smart phone, do you have issues with iPlayer, i.e. is it only the Samsung TV?

  12. Wierd. Using your method above (with Overplay SmartDNS) I can access 1 episode only through iPlayer – then it seems to recognise that I'm not in the UK and bars playing anything else. TV needs to be turned off and on to gain access again. Also won't let you go in to 'more episodes' for any shows, seems to be same problems.
    Any tips?

  13. Update: It's been reported to me that since the latest firmware in the US, the BBC iPlayer has begin working through the Overplay SmartDNS service listed above. I have also a report from the middle east identifying success with their models.

  14. I'm interested in hearing reports from people around the world if this works in your country. If you're interested in testing the BBC iPlayer outside of the UK and already have the Samsung TV and a SmartDNS service like Overplay (or UK VPN), check out my other videos to see how to change the app store and give it a go.
    From what I can tell, the service works in Europe with European model TV's, but it may not work outside of Europe. So let me know about your success or failures.

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