sophos vpn the system tried to join a drive
sophos vpn the system tried to join a drive

In this video we'll cover how to setup remote VPN access using SSL.

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  1. I have three XG routers in different locations that are WAN-linked.
    All users have VPN access to Router1 from being previously set up via Firewall1 User Portal and works as expected.

    I need to figure out if it's possible to grant User Portal access to Firewall2 and Firewall3 via their Firewall1 VPN connection so all employees don't have to physically come into the office to access the F1 and F2 User Portals for VPN setup.

    End goal is to have VPN access setup to each Firewall for DR purposes.

  2. Nice Video Setup and presentation , its understandable , so mine is out of topic question, Let me know the sound & video setup details , editing software details, In YouTube HD video but reduced file size, How , How .. Let us know and send us the purchase link details for a common man to effort to publish a video as per his wish .

  3. Okay for those who did not find the client download option or went to the usual portal then go to authentication under configure tab and in the right most option with three dots, you will find the client download option. It seems like Sophos deliberately wanted to hide it. But there you have it. Enjoy networking,,,

  4. This would be a lot more helpful if you weren't trying to set a speed record for setting this up. Extremely hard to follow along when you crammed what should have been 10 minutes of content and explanation into 5 minutes and spoke faster than needed.

  5. It is good for person who has prior knowledge of client VPN. But confuses when you choose allowed network to be all. Network diagram needs to be shown first and components needed for SSL VPN then configure. Firewall rule showed about Web & App filter when your tunnel is split tunnel. So many topics could have been covered within short span of time.

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