totalav antivirus & vpn-total mobile security 2020
totalav antivirus & vpn-total mobile security 2020

👉🏻Can you rest easy using only this for your security? In our review of Total AV antivirus, find out if it will provide you with the protection you need. 👉🏻Is Total AV the best antivirus? Watch the video and then read our extensive review: Would you use Total AV as your sole antivirus? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Sunday morning (5-9-2021), I hurriedly clicked on a picture of a sump pump like mine in images, because my sump pump had gone haywire around 4am and wouldn't stop running. I wanted to know if my sump pump had a reset switch so I was looking for some sort of schematic diagram of it. When I found a pic of my sump pump, I clicked on it. It then had the norm tabs that said image or website. I clicked the website and immediately I knew there was something not right when the page opened. It wasn't a normal page. I quickly closed it and IMMEDIATELY I began getting Pop-ups stating that my computer had a virus and telling me to click on the tab to fix it. Of course, I didn't because I then knew my computer had been infused with malware or a virus! I did a quick search of virus protection and decided to buy and download Toal AV Antivirus. I downloaded it, did a deep search of my computer and the results was that there was ONE incident of Malware. After riding my laptop of the malware and doing another quick scan, hoping that my problem was solved, only to begin the same Pop-ups began popping up once again! "activate your McAfee", "Update Chrome Browser security Chrome", "Turn on your Firewall, Your Antivirus is Expired, Click here to update Now, news". I even got a females genitalia that said "Meet Local Singles"! Does this mean that the Total AV program I bought and downloaded isn't adequate for the task and shouldn't be? What do I do next besides calling and getting a refund on this product that didn't work as advertised? How do I get this stuff off my computer? Please help!

  2. Don't buy it, its a scam. I requested to cancel my subscription, they ignored my request, and charged my credit card anyways. Then, after charging my credit card they sent me an email telling my they had processed my cancellation and as a gift they offered me 'free' complimentary licenses…What a joke.

  3. Read a few of the negative comments. Won't be buying into your scam. And BTW
    could you possibly talk without the EXTREMELY IRRITATING IDENTICAL HAND GESTURES? I had to block lower part of your body to avoid this. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

  4. You didn't think you'd be able to recommend it? Really? Why? Where is the balanced reviewing? What are the drawbacks/limitations? Exactly what known Malware did you test this against? Why don't you just say that you are a compensated industry promoter who has been paid to pitch this brand? Even if Total AV is gold, you sir, are cancer.

  5. #1 if you have to turn off the like dislike viewing (especially after having it ON for so long) then you've dropped the ball with presentation.
    First thing is I think you did a very informative video but you don't start off by explaining the product does this and this and this and in this video I will talk about this and explain this…… Just say you've reviewed the product and go straight into how your tests or the product faired. you could have sheared 3 or 4 minutes off by just straight reviewing the product. You don't have to explain all these things your going to talk about anyway, we are ALL here because we are interested in the product so that part has already been accomplished for you, you've just got to seal the deal.

    People are more acceptable of someone who is direct, professional and to the point. You accomplished 2 out of 3 which is better than I could do honestly lol. I am buying the product these are just suggestions.

  6. THEY have just done me out of 118 pounds buy slimey bastards DO NOT BUY THEY KEEP YOUR DETAILS AND TAKE IT OUT NEXT YEAR BUNCH OF THIEFS.

  7. They have terrible customer service and even worse autorenewal policy where the cost increases six/seven folds. 1st year £24, 2nd year £134. My email went to my junk box so missed the notification so ended up paying ridiculous increase. Most consumer reviews complain about the same. Also independent reviews give them a 3 star at most. Best to look elsewhere.

  8. This video is unsettling. Seems to be a fake posturing as a real, setting himself up by saying he is not sure he can recommend the software and alluding to negatives with it, but then he doesn't really touch on any of these and ends up recommending it. Am I crazy here? Or do other people with a subscription feel like they are in the matrix when they try to find out more about this software…

  9. i must warn you, they will rip you of your money and treat you like crap. dont listen to this paid advertiser. totalav is not fun to be around, its my personal experience

  10. I been using this for 4 year's now and its great, after the first year they upped the priced last time to £146ish (10 devices) whereas before it was £30, hint for people i rang them told them i wasnt willing to pay that much and would like a refund, they just offered me the promotional deal again and again then refunded me the diff. Now this last year i forgot to do this and missed it-so paid full price. Beware!

  11. TotalAV are criminal thieves – DO NOT SIGN UP – they will NOT DELETE your credit card details even after years of requests. They will continue to charge you. They will not give you access online to delete your card yourself. they will try and charge you large sums and then when you complain offer you a discount. They are SCAMMERS.

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