vpn for league of legends euw
vpn for league of legends euw

Im not offering NordVPN accounts anymore ! Intrucrtions: 1. Download and instal a VPN program (I recommend to use NordVPN premium for the best connection) 2. Chose a vpn server (can be one from you country or one from a country close to you) 3. Open league and go on practice tool to test your ping (MS) If you have high ping try another vpn server (there are a lot on NordVPN) Note: If you have a bad download speed you wont get a better ping! To check your internet go on https://www.speedtest.net/# To check your league ping (not 100% accuracy but close) go on https://pingtestlive.com/league-of-legends and check EUNE or EUW where you play. Here: http://prntscr.com/rrr9r3 (picture about how i think this work and why you get a better ping with vpn)

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  1. I play from usa to eune and i have 130 ms when i play north america server i have only 60 is there any way i can play eune from usa and have lower ms than 130? Thank u

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